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Breathtaking Tours, Swimming Stops, Snorkeling Drops

Since 1974 Vikings Classic Sailing has been sharing with visitors of Rhodes Island, memorable sailing trips along the beautiful coastline of Rhodes. Offering alongside the most epic views of the Mediterranean, we have combined amazing swimming & snorkeling stops in breathtaking inlets, bays, and beaches along the coastline. A light lunch is served on board.

” With the Greek government leading the way in limiting the spread of this tragic virus, it has put Viking Classic Sailing in a great position to offer guests a safe sailing holiday for the 2021 season. We are working hard to revise and create new policies and measures to ensure you are receiving the best quality safety procedures, advice, and service to all of our wonderful guests who have been loyal to their health and wellbeing during this difficult time around the entire world. “

Anthony Quinn Beach Faliraki Rhodees Greece

Stop 1

Our first stop has to be one of the most exciting of them all, steering into one of the most famous bays around the world, Anthony Quinn Bay. Where the “Guns of Navarone” was filmed, the sight is absolutely breathtaking with its crystal clear waters, you can easily see down to the very bottom of the sea bed from the boat. Guests are more than welcome to take their time, swim, and enjoy their time here.

Stop 2

Where the beautiful turquoise water is nicely warm and soothing, we will make a stop and let everyone have another dip in for swimming and snorkeling. Or you may just take a sunbathe whilst enjoying the view of the breathtaking surroundings. The water is so clear that you can see more than you ever thought of underwater.

Stop 3

Trendy Kallithea overlooks a series of rocky beaches in small coves. Built-in 1929, the Italianate Kallithea Springs bathing area has ornamental gardens and a fancy cafeteria and sunbed area. We anchor in the bay and you may as well swim to have a look at the Kallithea SPA, which is now a museum or you swim inside a stunning cave which is right next to it.

Dolphin Spotting

If we are lucky enough again !!

Comfort Food & Drinks


We offer an in-deck light lunch along with drinks. Our drinks consist of Soft Drinks, Beers, and Water for the thirsty bunch that’s on board with us!!


For our comfort food, we offer a traditional offering plate of Tomatoes, Salami, Cucumbers, Traditional Tsanziki Sauce, Local Fresh Bread, and of course Feta Cheese. Some would call this a very Traditional Greek Salad, but for the rest of us out at sea in the Mediterannean we call it comfort food while basking in the summer sun along the beautiful shores of Rhodes, Greece.


Any pre-arranged packages for day trips include offerings that are arranged with the captain of the boat. You are more than welcome to us know what you would like to plan, and we are more than welcome to accommodate anything that you may want during your time with us alongside the shorelines of Rhodes, Greece.


If there are any Covid-19 Restrictions put in place for any Food and Beverage offerings, we will let you know immediately so we can update and or alter any policies that may have been put in place for your safety and well-being during your summer holiday with us.


Anything is possible, just let us know and we can help you with it !!