Beaches of Rhodes

The Historic Greek Island of Rhodes (also Rodos or Rhodos) is one of the Mediterranean’s most popular beach resort islands in the Mediterranean and in Europe. Below is a list of the most popular beaches located on the island of Rhodes Greece.

Rhodes Beaches

Rhodes Greece has many spectacular beaches and sandy coves. The island offers a large collection of Rhodes beaches with various amenities, including hotels, taverns, bars, and watersports centers. All beaches in Rhodes have crystal waters and they are unique in natural beauty. Among the best Rhodes beaches are Tsambika, Saint Paul’s bay, Ladiko, Kallithea, and others. The southernmost coast of Rhodes, Prassonisi, is ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing. If there are any other beaches you are interested in learning about, please do not hesitate to contact us at your leisure. We are always available to answer your questions and go above and beyond to your holiday wishes.

Kalithea Springs

Since ancient times, the springs of Kallithea in Rhodes were famous for their therapeutic powers. They could treat various diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes,  allergies, and asthma. People from the surrounding islands, the coasts of Asia Minor, and other Mediterranean countries would come to Rhodes to get healed with baths in these springs.

The facilities at the Springs of Kallithea were inaugurated by the Italians in July 1929 and attracted a large number of patients and scientists from the entire world. The Spa was constructed in Moorish style and included pebble stone mosaics, Rotonda Hall, a terrace, an impressive patio, and stairs at the entrance. The wonderful gardens have palm trees, pine trees, flowers, and many other plants. Below the spring facilities, there are small coves with crystal thermal water. At the end of the 20th century, the Spa Building fell in abandonment and neglect. The local council overtook the restoration work that lasted for many years. Finally, the renovated Springs of Kallithea opened its doors in July 2007.

Faliraki Beach

The golden sand of Faliraki extends over 4 km and is perfectly combined with the blue waters of the Aegean sea, contributes to a relaxing and attractive scenery.

Faliraki is one of the most cosmopolitan resort areas on Rhodes. It is found 16 km south of Rhodes Town and 10 km away from the airport. Faliraki is a well-organized beach with dozens of colorful sun loungers and umbrellas covering its sandy coast. Close to this beach plenty of taverns, restaurants, and beach bars are found. Here you can try practicing some water sports, like water skiing and windsurfing. It is close to Faliraki Beach, near the small fishing harbor. The whole area is full of different kinds of accommodation. For those who wish to be in a more quiet and less crowded environment, the bay of Kathara is just the right place for them.

Kathara Bay

At the end of the beaches of Faliraki and after the harbor, is the best-kept secret that is hidden away from almost every tourist.

Peaceful, rural Kathara Bay surrounds a gray sand-and-pebble beach of the same name, overlooked by a handful of fish restaurants and relaxed alfresco cafes. Family-friendly vacation apartments and no-frills studios line quiet lanes. Many families and friends have been visiting this spot for more than 20 years, which should say how serene this area is and if relaxation is something you enjoy while on holiday, you are more than guaranteed to get your holiday wishes come true here.

Anthony Quinn Bay

The famous Anthony Quinn beach is located 20 km south of Rhodes Town between the beaches of Faliraki and Ladiko.

The original name of the beach is Vagies. However, because of the fact that the famous film The Guns of Navarone was filmed in that place, the locals decided to name this beach after the lead actor of the movie, Anthony Quinn. Anthony Quinn beach is considered to be one of the calmest and most beautiful spots on the island. This beach is a rather small and narrow beach with a combination of sand, pebbles, and rocks. It is not entirely organized and the only facilities a visitor can enjoy are a few umbrellas and sun loungers.

Afantou Beach

The largely popular Afantou beach is located 30 km south of Rhodes Town right after the beaches of Faliraki and Ladiko.

The extremely long and large beach of Afandou is located 30 km south of Rhodes town. The village lies around the natural bay. The beach is made of sand and pebbles and offers many rental facilities. It is relatively crowded during the high season and most importantly it receives many windsurfing lovers. Its deep, clear sparkling waters are ideal for swimming and remain quite fresh even under the hot sun. Some fine taverns can be found nearby the beach and, in the village center of Afantou.

Kolymbia Beach

Holidays to Kolymbia begin and end with relaxation. Spend lazy days on the Blue Flag beach and laid-back evenings drinking under the stars. And it’s easy to explore Rhodes’ coast by boat.

Kolymbia Beach, at the bottom of Eucalyptus Road, was hewn by nature in her finest hour. It’s a kilometer-long ribbon of sand and pebble set in a horseshoe bay, with a billowing headland at the far end. The water is crystal clear and prime swimming and snorkeling territory. There are a few watersports on offer here, and just 5 minutes away is a secluded rocky cove.

Tsambika Beach

The long sandy beach of Tsambika is located 25 km south of Rhodes town, under the imposing rock where it stands the miraculous Monastery of Panagia Tsambika.

Tsambika beach is popular for its turquoise waters and golden sands which create beautiful scenery, ideal to relax and enjoy the sun all day with friends and family. Dozens of colorful beach facilities are available as well as Water sports for the most daring types. The wider region is very friendly and offers plenty of amenities such as beachside tavernas, during the night and day.

Stegna Beach

Stegna Beach is somewhat secluded and unspoiled. There are no luxurious shopping arcades or bustling nightlife, but there is certainly enough to do and enjoy, particularly for those who are looking for calm away from the noisy crowds of the capital.

The long stretches of white sand and shingles and groves of almond and lemon trees lining the winding roads that lead down to the beach adding to the natural tranquillity of this beautiful area. The beach has several tavernas, many of which are located within a few meters from the beachfront and run by locals. The menus offer tasty and authentic Greek dishes at reasonable prices. A local Greek family offers water sports facilities on the beach including banana boat rides, paragliding, and water-skiing. Sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling are popular activities on Stegna beach.

Agathi Beach

Agathi Beach with its golden sand is secluded and completely unspoiled. There are no luxurious shopping arcades or bustling nightlife, but there is certainly enough to do and enjoy, particularly for those who are looking for calm away from the noisy crowds of the capital.

The small sandy beach of Agathi lies on a picturesque cove, nearby the beach of Haraki and the Medieval castle of Faraklos, 38 km south-east of Rhodes City and 10 km north of Lindos village. The golden sands, along with the emerald waters, create a wonderful and attractive picture. Three canteens offer refreshments and snacks on the beach as well as sunbeds, umbrellas rentals, and showers.

Vlycha Beach

Vlicha beach is much preferred by the residents of neighboring Lindos who will find some solitude away from the busy crowds of the resort. If you prefer silence and isolation, you would do well to venture to the extreme right-hand side of the beach.

The scenic beach of Vlicha is located 47 km from the town of Rhodes. On any given day, one can see groups of children fully absorbed in sand games while the elderly lot have a whale of a time by the beachfront. Vlicha is a charming little beach and there is no dearth of sun loungers at this superb beach. The sea here grows deeper progressively. The best part about this beach is that it is never too crowded.

Lindos Beach

Lindos beach is renowned by many of the residents of Europe as one of the most picturesque beaches of the world. If you prefer silence and a bit of solitude, you would do well to venture to the extreme left-hand side of the beach.

Lindos beach is within walking distance from the picturesque village of Lindos, Megali Paralia is a fully organized place with sunbeds, umbrellas, fish taverns, and some water sports. The golden sand and the clean water amaze visitors. The environment has sparse vegetation and high hills, while in the background people can see the amphitheatrically built village of Lindos and the Acropolis on top of the mountain.

St. Pauls Beach

This spectacular setting is further enhanced by a small, typical Greek Orthodox chapel down in the cove and the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Lindos set overlooking the cove.

Despite its diminutive size, Saint Paul’s Bay is one of the most popular beaches on the Greek island of Rhodes. Located on the edge of the historic village of Lindos, St Paul’s Bay is almost entirely enclosed by rocks on all sides with just the smallest of gaps for boats to come in and out of. With such safe surroundings, this little bay is ideal for swimming and snorkeling; there is plenty of fish to be spotted amongst the rocks too.

Glystra Beach

The small sandy beach is located about 11 km away from Lindos village. Glystra beach is ideal for swimmers who seek a tranquil tourist environment, where it dominates the greenery vegetation, the golden sand, and the blue sea.

It extends about 200 meters and it is covered by small pebbles where at times they create a close cove. The beach is quite organized offering the visitor all the beach facilities including some water sports equipment. Most importantly, the water is shallow and ideal for the children. Visitors can swim towards a few rocks that are situated some meters away. Easy access to the beach is from the settlements in Lardos or Lindos. You can meet the beach on the road between Lindos and Kattavia.

Prasonisi Beach

Prasonisi is a small islet that during low tide becomes a peninsula attached to the southern tip of Rhodes. It is located some 90 kilometers south of Rhodes town. Popularly known as “surfer’s paradise” it has become synonymous with windsurfers and kite surfers throughout Europe.

Prasonisi is often very windy on the west side, while sheltered on the east. Consequently, experienced windsurfers make use of the windy conditions on the western side, while rather inexperienced windsurfers and sunbathers enjoy the eastern side. Both beaches benefit from fine sand and very shallow water, especially close to the islet. The eastern beach has sections with sunbeds and parasols. Parking is possible close to the beach.

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