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The latest arrivals in women’s swimwear & lingerie for Spring/Summer 21. Find bikinis, swimsuits, or beachwear at Passion. Choose the one that suits you best! Come on down and visit us this summer season in Rhodes !!!





About Us

Passion Swimwear, Lingerie, and Underwear is located in the heart of Rhodes Town located on the beautiful and sunny Island of Rhodes, Greece. The exclusiveness of the designs and prints on the fabrics as well as the quality of each garment is what makes Passion’s Swimwear unique!

Our list of partners have been hand-selected for the quality of fabric and prints for every fall and spring global fashion trend. Our years of experience and interest in the Fashion Industry have kept us a step above the rest with our collections over the past several years.



Our Comfort and Uplifting lines have been the talk of the town. Make sure you come by and let us know what size you are so you can sample our other lines as well. Make sure that you feel good about your body and how your garments feel on your sensitive skin before walking out with the biggest smile on your face !!


With our selection from various lines, cuts, and fabrics you are sure to find what you are looking for with our new spring/summer 2021 collection. The collections we have in stock have been hand-selected for comfort and durability for not only this year’s holidays but also next years as well !!


Our essential wear of undergarments has been specifically picked for their level of comfort, elasticity, and fabric for not only the perfect fit but also the form shaping contours of each piece. Our ultra-large sizes for small back sizes are only sold at Passion!!



You will change your clothes each day, you will change them also according to seasons and weather, but a handbag will last. Our outfits reflect ourselves, our image and who we are and the handbag is a highlight of it. The handbag you chose will reflect your image and impact how you are perceived.

New Mens Trends

Whether it’s swimwear or underwear, we have you covered !! Let our experienced sales staff show you what is trending now and see what you would feel more comfortable with. It’s all about how you look and feel !!!

Popular Outfits

A taste of what others are wearing is always something we look at. We will always give you a taste of style that you may have missed this year !!

Academy Hampton Linen Shirt

Twist Top from Privilege

Zodiac Satin Slip Dress

Atmos Delilah Ruffle Playsuit

Create Your Own Style

Everyone has their own taste and flair when getting dressed. Create your own level of comfort and style that makes you feel more relaxed and at ease when you are out and about in town or on the beach. The possibilities are endless and so is your inner beauty !!!

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New Summer line

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Bussiness Casual

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Daisey Dress by Kaja Clothing
JAG Freedom Embroidered Blouse
Lyle Vintage Leather Holdall
Gabardine Trousers by Sherman

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