One of Rhodes, Greece hidden treasures that holds the secret to health, beauty, and wellness.

Our Products

Our ambition is to indulge you with a hearty collection of unique Greek products, ranging from our very own smooth and creamy olive oil, and virgin honey, to fresh organic herbs, olives, and various products that bear our passion for excellence.

Fresh Herbs & Spices

The few gems of the mastering of cooking is having fresh products, such as our freshly hand-picked herbs and spices.

Greek Bio Soap

We have selected the most spectacular and most renowned Greek Bio Soap that is taking Europe by storm. Get it while supplies last while you’re in Rhodes Greece.

Local Products

What better way to find an array of exquisite local products that will take your breath away. Nowhere else to be found but on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

Locally Crafted Products

20% off

Locally crafted wooden products created with elusive talent that you will not see anywhere else in the world.

Featured Products

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Olive Oil Soap

Soap made from fresh Greek Olive Oil is one of our local Greek secrets to the fountain of youth. Help your skin, hair, nails, and in general your body with this hidden Greek secret.

Fresh Greek Honey

Experts and Doctors agree that fresh honey helps and is therapeutic for the human body. Refresh your soul and revive your body on a daily basis.

Ceramics, Rugs, & Bowls

We have an assortment of Ceramic Plates, Bowls, Ash Trays, Appetizer Plates, and many other various trays. We also have our locally hand-woven rugs here in Embona Village.

Greek Herbs & Spices

The one magical component needed in the kitchen for your creations to shine is the use of Freshly picked herbs & spices. Make your health and well-being shine with this addition to your culinary lifestyle while visiting the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece.

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country & Europe !

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